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Bellow is some of the most popular educational videos. Feel free to watch some, to get an idea of how we correctly install your roof.


Installing Timberline Shingles

GAF- Mastering The Roof (chapter 11) This video demonstrates the proper installation technique for Timberline® Shingles.


Key Components of the GAF Lifetime Roofing System

It’s more than just shingles! Learn more about the complete GAF Lifetime Roofing System, including quality GAF shingles and components. Installed in a system, they help protect your most valuable investment – your home.​


How to Shingle Roof Valleys

GAF- Mastering The Roof (chapter 12) This video demonstrates the proper installation technique for installing roofing valleys; the open, woven, and closed cut methods are demonstrated. Valleys are a prime leak area, so it's important to be careful.​


Flashing Installation

GAF- Mastering The Roof (chapter 13) Flashing is used to seal and protects joints in a building from water penetration by direct the flow of water away from these otherwise vulnerable areas. For Flashing to function properly it is important that it is installed correctly


Installing GAF Cobra® Ridge Vents and Attic Ventilation

GAF- Mastering The Roof (chapter 15) 90% of homes in North America are inadequately ventilated. Attics need effective ventilation to keep homes cool. All manufacturers require attic ventilation. Intake and ridge vents working together are best. Refer to printed literature for exact specifications.


Roof Deck Tear Off and Preparation

GAF- Mastering The Roof (chapter 04) Nothing is more critical in roofing than preparing the surface under the shingles. When old materials are removed you will have a clean deck, allowing you to see problems easily.​



GAF- Mastering The Roof (chapter 08) Proper fastening is critical to the performance of any roof system.

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